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{short description of image} Lavender
Lavender flowers Lavender flowers
Top grade lavender flowers with a strong and long lasting scent. Use as a simple pot-pourri or to make lavender bags.
Small bag (approx. 100g): £2.95
Large bag (approx. 250g): £6.45
Extra large bag(approx. 500g): £12.45

  Bulk Lavender Flowers
A Giant bag containing approx. 1KG of lavender flowers for making your own scented gifts. It will make a dozen large lavender bags and up to a hundred smaller lavender bags.
Giant bag of lavender flowers: £19.50
{Lavender flowers bunches Lavender flower bunches
Generous bunches of approx 100 stems of lavender, approx. 14" (35cm) long
£4.95 each
Lavender scent pot Lavender scent pot
Small porcelain pot for holding lavender flowers. It is decorated with a sprig of lavender.
{short description of image} Lavender filled cotton bag
A simple and useful cotton bag filled with lavender flowers. It can be placed under pillows to aid sleep or hung up in wardrobes to scent clothes and to deter moths filled with approx 10g of dried lavender flowers.
95p each.
Orranza lavender bags Organza lavender bag
Pretty organza bags approx .10cm high filled with a generous amount of lavender flowers.
£1.85 each or 10 or more £1.65 each.

  Rose petals  
{short description of image} Pink Rose petals
Pink, sweet smelling dried rose petals.
Small bag (Approx. 90g): £2.75
Large Bag (Approx. 180g): £4.95

Red Rose Buds Red Rose Buds
Bright red decorative rose buds.
Small bag (Approx 90g) £4.95
Large bag (Approx 180g) £8.95

pink rose buds Pink Rose Buds
Deep red decorative rose buds.
Small bag (Approx 90g) £4.95
Large bag (Approx 180g) £8.95

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