Serenity single colour pot-pourri in gift bags tied with pretty colour co-ordinated ribbon. Each bag is generously filled, containing approx.120g.
pot pourri rose Rose
A rich romantic red pot-pourri with an old fashioned English rose fragrance.
pot-pourri lemon Lemon
Bright, refreshing citrus in cheerful sunshine yellow.
{short description of image} Lavender
The classic relaxing lavender pot-pourri, in an restful deep purple.
pot-pourri jasmine Jasmine
Exotic jasmine in a warming Persian orange colour.
Refresher oil
Pot-pourri refresher oil
Fragrance oils for refreshing Serenity potpourri, they can also be used in oil burners to provide home fragrance.
10ml bottle of fragrance oil: £1.95

Claremont & May potpourri
Claremont & May's potpourri is made by selecting the finest dried flowers and natural botanicals from around the world, which are then carefully blended and fragrances to the highest standard with long lasting fragrances. The potpourri comes in attractive gift boxes containing approx. 230g of potpourri sealed in a inner bag for freshness.  
{short description of image} Amberwood Blue
A modern classic in turquoise and amber. It has the soothing fragrance of cool bergamot and lavender, enhanced with patchouli and geranium. £4.95
cut flowers potpourri Cut flowers
Fresh floral blend, in deep pinks and greens with orange highlights. £4.95
Fresh Linen Fresh Linen
The clean and breezy floral fragrance of laundry day, in white and creams.
Honeysuckle and Jasmine Honeysuckle & Jasmine
An elegant white floral honeysuckle with lily and jasmine blossom and cedar base. £4.95
Honey & Vanilla potpourri Honey & Vanilla
A rich, warm vanilla and honey fragrance with a hint of spice in pretty shades of cream, senna and bronze. £4.95
{short description of image} Jacaranda Wood & Citrus
Fragrant Jacaranda wood balanced perfectly with room refreshening citrus. in smart deep green and brown shades. £4.95
lilac and lavender potpourri Lilac and Lavender
A hint of lilac gives a modern twist to this classic lavender potpourri in shades of blue and purple. £4.95
Orange grove potpourri Orange Grove
A zesty fragrance especially useful in the kitchen where it's tangy citrus fragrance will help to disguise cooking smells. £4.95
Orchid potpourri Orchid
An exotic orchid scent with ylang-ylang and jasmine. A perfect bedroom potpourri in pretty pinks and creams. £4.95
Oriental Lime potpourri Oriental Lime & Ginger
A Revitalizing fragrance with fresh citrus top notes and a uplifting heart of ginger oriental rose and Jasmine.
Pomegranate Potpourri Pomegranate
Deep, rich red with the sweet and juicy aroma of pomegranate with a hint of spice. £4.95
Poppy Poppy
A sensuous, silky fragrance in rich reds, Eastern promise with a light floral finish. £4.95
Sea side pot pourri Seaside
The smell of the shoreline, fresh and ozonic with the aroma of the sea and sandy beaches, in blues and turquoise. £4.95
Home fragrance oils Claremont and May potpourri refresher oil
Fragrance oils for refreshing our range of Claremont & May potpourri. They can also be used in oil burners to provide home fragrance.
15ml bottle of fragrance oil: £1.95

Home blends potpourri
Home blends potpourri in gift bags containing approx. 70g or large bags with 180g of potpourri.
Refreshing pot pourri Refreshing
A refreshing citrus fragrance in vibrant bright greens.

Soothing pot pourri Comforting
A heart warming aroma in deep forest greens.

Soothing pot pourri Soothing
A calming aroma in deep purple.

Refreshing pot pourri Relaxing
A relaxing floral aroma with the fragrance of violets in shades of blue.

Pot-Pourri boxes
{short description of image} Wooden Potpourri Box
Attractive rectangular potpourri box carved out of soild hardwood. 6x4 inches £6.95

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